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How to unsubscribe from advertisements.

To ensure you do not get newsletters or mail from us, here are 4 ways, pick one you like!

  • Email: Snap a picture and email to help(at)geracilaw(dot)com with "Remove Mailer #" in the subject line.
  • Snail Mail or Fax: Make sure you have the mailer # or a copy of it in the mail or fax.
  • Clients: Use ClientCorner to update your preferences, or one of the above methods.
  • Call 888-456-1953 and say, "My mailer code is ____ (upper-right or lower-left of mailer). Please remove me." Done!

Note: If you cannot find a mailer #, we can still remove you.

Sometimes errors happen so don’t get excited, just call so we can take care of it and stop mailing, and save the postage for folks that appreciate it! Some correspondences are computerized and a computer error may occur. If you continue to receive a correspondence such as mail, email, newsletters, messages, call us at 888-456-1953 and ask to speak to a supervisor so you can help us identify the problem if all contact does not stop.

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